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Update the EID on a Virtuozzo container after migrating/cloning it

April 13th, 2016

If you clone/migrate a Virtuozzo container, you will need to assign a new EID to prevent a conflict and negatively affecting the PVA management console.

To do this, on the new system do the following:

[]# service pvaagentd stop
Shutting pvaagentd: [ OK ]
[]# rm -f /var/opt/pva/agent/etc/configs/9XXXXac012-XXXX8-e44a-9cc4-XXXXXXXe98e   <-- cloned container ID
[]# uuidgen > /vz/private/CID(container ID)/.vza/eid.conf
[]# service pvaagentd start
Starting pvaagentd: [ OK ]

The node was added to VA MN without any issues afterwards:

[root@rsl46 ~]# vzagroup list
Connecting to local host...
Resolving host's group role...
host is a slave in vzgroup, which master node address is PVAIDADDRESS

Operation 'list' completed successfully

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