Cisco 5505 – reset lost password

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How to reset a Cisco Password :

  1. Power cycle the cisco and when prompted press ‘esc’. this will bring up the rommon prompt. it will look like this :
    rommon #0>
  2. At the prompt type the following:

    (when prompted answer no)

  3. now type :
    confreg 0x41

    This will cause the cisco to ignore its saved config

  4. now reset the cisco, type:
  5. When its done booting you should see a generic boot example:
  6. now type :

    , at the password prompt just press the “enter” key.

  7. Now copy the startup configuration file into the running configuration with the following command:
    copy startup-config running-config

    . It will ask “Destination filename [running-config]”, just press enter.

  8. Next, in configuration mode, enter the following command to change the Privileged Mode password to a known value:
    enable password yournewpassword

    . Where yournewpassword is the new password you are creating.

  9. Now we need to reset the configuration register to the default of 0x01 to force it to read the startup configuration on boot. Type the following:
    config-register 0x01
  10. Now to make it persistent we need to save the changes, type:
    copy run start

    it will then say “ource filename [running-config]” press enter to continue.

  11. Now reload the Cisco type:

    . It will ask: “System config has been modified. Save? [Y]es/[N]o:” type “yes”.

Once its done reloading you should be able to use the new password.

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