How to reset your zcashd wallet without losing your wallet addresses

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If your running into issues restarting/starting zcashd after stopping it, it could be that your installation has been corrupted. This is not a major issue thankfully.

First, just in case, backup your wallet as instructed at the following location.


make a backup of your .zcash folder

sudo cp .zcash .zcash.todaysdate

You shouldn’t need the above, but better safe than sorry.

Next go into the .zcash folder and type:

/bin/rm blocks/ chainstate/ db.log debug.log  fee_estimates.dat -Rf

Once complete, restart zcashd, it will re-download the blocks and you’ll be good to go.

NOTE: Till all the blocks are downloaded the commands

zcash-cli z_gettotalbalance

0 ZEC, don’t panic. Once it’s done downloading, it will show the proper amounts.

Hopefully this saves some people some time.

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