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Linux – Nagios/Dell Open Manage Install Redhat/CentOs 4/5

November 6th, 2010

*** REDHAT 4/5 & CENTOS ***

(Using up2date):

wget -q -O - | bash
up2date -i srvadmin-all
up2date -i nagios-nrpe

You may need to download the packages to install nagios i have included a compilation of possible dependencies in the following. Download the required one then unpack and rpm -Uvh nagios.etc…

Download packages for RHEL4 32 bit HERE

Download packages for RHEL5 32bit HERE

Alternatively you can download the required packages at:  <-- download appropriate version
nagios-plugins-1.*****. This is the only thing you need <-- download appropriate version
nagios-nrpe-2.*****. This is the only thing you need

depending on dependencies for plugins Google search for (package missing) RHEL#. Download and install, further packages may be missing.

Install the packages

rpm -Uvh ***.***.rpm

Once complete you can go to

cd /etc/nagios
mv nrpe.cfg nrpe.cfg.orig
/etc/init.d/nrpe restart

Note that this is a modified/simplified file.
You can edit this file to monitor different things, remove and add.

You will most likely need to change the port and allowed_hosts.

cd /usr/local/bin
wget (sometimes check_dell does
not work, if you download this mv check_dell2 check_dell)
chmod +x check_dell

if you get the error that omreport is not recognized, locate omreport and then

ln -s /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/omreport /usr/local/bin/omreport
ln -s /opt/dell/srvadmin/bin/omreport /usr/local/bin/omreport

Now test and see that it works. In this install and script the monitoring port is 10344. Also make sure any firewalls you have are open on the required port for at least the source IP address.

You may need to open the port on your firewall. In this example it is :

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m state --state NEW -m tcp --dport 10344 -j ACCEPT

note: You may get a "device unknown" error of some type. if this is the case run the following:

modprobe mptctl
echo alias scsi_hostadapter mptctl >> /etc/modprobe.conf
/opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/ start
/opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/ enable 3
chkconfig --level 3 nrpe on
/etc/init.d/nrpe restart 
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