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PHP – Turn safe_mode off with .htaccess or php.ini

November 29th, 2010

Sometimes you need to turn off safe mode on PHP for a page to load properly. There are several options to allow this and they are to

Turn off safe mode for a domain with the .htaccess file:

Put this line inside .htaccess file to turn it off:
php_value safe_mode off

if the above does not work try: 

php_flag safe_mode off

also try substituting the "off" word with: 0

Eg: php_value safe_mode 1

The other option is to create/modify a php.ini file in the cgi-bin folder and have the line

safe_mode = off

Or if you wish to turn off safe mode for the entire server

modify the /etc/php.ini and set safe_mode = On to safe_mode = off.
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